Why some users only get Private Jobs (No Broadcast)

A Private job is job that a pet owner made directly from your listing profile. The reason you only receive Private Jobs is because we still want to be fair to the community users who specifically wish to engage your services. Broadcasted Jobs is a privileged feature for users who believe in a level playing field without sharing their contacts with owners and with very little or no cancellation as well as strongly supportive of PetBacker. You may receive broadcasted jobs during peak periods after all other hosts have jobs or are fully booked.

Broadcasted jobs are being answered by a maximum of between 5 to 8 people, with the main advantage being that you get an opportunity to respond to requests even though the pet owner did not see your listing specifically, which also means you see more requests in your job list, 

For fair Competition, your Broadcast Function will be restricted due to the following reasons

  • - Your listing has been reported by the Community, which requires investigation by our Trust and Safety team to ensure a safe and secure pet care
  • - You or owner exchange of contact info before booking on a Broadcast job
  • - You received a 1 Star Review, which requires investigation by our Trust and Safety team to ensure a safe and secure pet care
  • - Extension of bookings not paid via PetBacker, example found to only have 1 session for either training, grooming, walking for same users resulting in lesser funds for us to operate a secure and safe community with more trust and safety team.
  • - Too many cancellations of booked jobs which give pet owners a bad experience.
  • - Your profile page has info, links or photos which may result in driving traffic out to external sites, IG, FB resulting in an unfair usage of the platform
  • - Not supportive of PetBacker for example leaving bad reviews on external sites or indirectly or directly encourage existing pet owners to avoid the platform resulting in other pet care providers being unable to receive more requests

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